Moto X 64 GB Out, Available Through Try Then Buy


Motorola recently made the the Moto X available through its Try Then Buy scheme. Under this scheme, you can get the device for an amount as small as $0.01 for a trial period of upto 2 weeks.

Moto X

And after the trial period expires you can return the device if you did not like it and pay nothing extra. A new version of the Moto X 64 GB too was made available thorugh the same scheme. If you’re planning on buying a 64 GB version for yourself or your loved ones, be ready to shell out $50¬†more than the 32 GB version and $100 more than the 16 GB variant.

This seems to be the latest strategy from the Lenovo owned company to clear its stock of all the Moto X devices to make place for the upcoming Moto X+1. The device is supposed to be under the covers till now but its has had quite some leaks by now. We’re waiting to see if Motorola will¬†follow its strict Android’s policy with its upcoming device.