Motorola is a company that has a better track record than many when it comes to Android OS updates. That doesn’t stand true in the case of the Moto X Play, though. We reported earlier that the device is receiving the update but that doesn’t appear to be so.

Understandably the device is very old dating back to July 2015 and most companies would have forgotten the device. We can give Motorola the thumbs up for still carrying development for this device.

Motorola gave the news of the Android Nougat update for the Moto X Play in replying to a user’s question who was asking for the update. Motorola tweeted that “Nougat will come to the Moto X Play soon, however, we are unable to provide a definite release date.”
Now, at least Moto X Play users can rest assured that the update will get to their devices even if it takes time.


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