Moto Z Play Android 7.1.1 kernel source code is now available for download


Motorola has just posted the kernel source code for the Moto Z Play’s Android 7.1.1. Kernel source codes are usually issued quickly after the actual OS updates are pushed to a device. In case of Moto Z Play, it got Android 7.1.1 in June, and now is almost the end of September. But still, it is good to see the code finally being available.

Usually, Motorola is fast with promises and OS updates but kernel source codes don’t get that much of a priority. As you might know, kernel source codes play an important part in the development of custom ROMs. Without it, the stability and functionality takes a hit and is less than ideal.

Also, the Moto Z Play was released in late 2016 and it has already received Android Nougat. Theoretically, it should also get Android Oreo since 2 years of OS updates are recommended by Google. So, after Oreo, the Moto Z Play will be fine at least until the next year. But after then, you might feel the need for custom ROMs. But if you are a hardcore modder, this is definitely great news for you.

In order to download the source code you can head to the Github link here.


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