Motorola Admiral coming October 23rd with QWERTY keyboard and all

The Motorola Admiral is finally official today, coming to the now network with that special push-to-talk feature, but no 4G WiMAX sadly. This awesome little phone should make plenty of users happy, and people love hardware qwerty keyboards still — right Blackberry? We’ve seen this mid-range device leak a few times in the recent past but now its official and will be coming to market October 23rd, then will hit stores on the yellow carrier starting November 13th. More specs and details after the break.

It’s actually a pretty powerful mid-range phone coming in with a great price. The Admiral features a 3.1″ display and a 1.2 GHz single-core processor, a 5 megapixel camera on the back and the entire device has been labeled as “military spec tough” and has a military 810G spec approval. Basically it can handle the task at hand, and come back in one piece.
The Admiral is the first smartphone to work with Direct Connect, which the company calls the gold standard for push-to-talk capabilities, something many military members and construction employees still use daily. The 810G military spec standard means it can handle dust, water, vibrations, extreme heat and a few other special things most smartphones can’t handle. It appears Motorola is taking a new aim and offering exceptionally strong and durable smartphones in the future. The Motorola Admiral might not be as sleek or thin as the new DROID RAZR, but it should get the job done just fine for those in need.
Come October 23rd you can pre-order your own and start push-to-talking as soon as it arrives.
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