Motorola ATRIX 4G HD Dock Review

Widgetsoid provides you with a plethora of options for your Android smartphone.  You can choose from quite a number of widgets which will allow you to enable/disable/toggle a number of functions and provides you with detailed information about your device such as memory available, sd card info, amount of ROM or RAM being utilized along with a number of status’ for functions like WiFi, Bluetooth and more.  You can “tweak” a number of things like colors, sizes and backgrounds.  The developer, Jaumard, has a couple of versions for those who might still be running 1.6 devices and those who are sporting devices with 2.0 and higher.  If you’re ready to give it a go, then head on over to our apps database for more info and to download the app.  The app is free and there is a donation version of each, should you feel generous enough to reward the developer for his excellent work.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of Widgetsoid in the comments below.

From the developer:
You have 12 widgets with different size and possibilities, 3 widgets indicator to show signal strenght (gsm and wifi), digital clock and battery level. 9 other widgets are widgets switcher to toggle (enable/disable) phone options and launch apps with shortcuts on your switcher widgets directly on your home screen or under another application with notifications option.

Lastest modifications (version :

  • Improve performance
  • Possibility to change toggle icons (donate version only)
  • Tasker toggle
  • Tasker and Locale plugin
  • Add circle indicator
  • Add color filter for contacts and applications icons
  • For Gingerbread and more icons search Widgetsoid alternative icons on market

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