Since we still have not seen the actual size of the battery that will come in the Droid Bionic, or how long it will actually last this will do. Someone has been nice enough to leak more than a few photos showing the Bionic on both 4G LTE and 3G at different levels of battery life. While these first pictures look good, they are a little deceiving to say the least.

Seeing 14 hours of usage and still showing 60% battery life, over 25 hours and having 15% (below) looks amazing and like the battery life we all wish our Android phones had, this just isn’t the case. These are no way realistic results but they are new images and figured you’d like to see them. Go ahead and right now go to “battery use” on your own Android phone and the “display usage” is probably the first or second one on the list, and has used the most battery. These screenshots show the phone was on idle (as in not being used) for most of the time and the display usage is only at 4%. So while the results look impressive, they aren’t accurate for real life day to day usage.

There is one good thing we can take away from these photos, and that is the battery life will still be decent and probably better than most phones available. We all know and have heard the horror stories of the Thunderbolt only lasting a few hours on 4G LTE even without being used much. So things look to be much improved here with the Bionic. Standby battery life as well as 4G LTE use does seem to be improved here, but I’ll still take these with a grain of salt until I get the device in my own hands.
Remember while looking at the usage chart we see no phone calls, no text or SMS app, no games, no browser usage. Calling this “moderate” use is a bit over the top but either way it’s better than nothing right?
[via Droid-Life]


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