In cased you guys missed it the Motorola DROID Bionic is finally official today. It will be available starting tomorrow September 8th, so you better hurry and go wait in line tomorrow morning, or do you. A few readers and tips are starting to flood in this afternoon that Verizon’s phone sales are actually taking orders if you get lucky.

With buyers choosing overnight shipping the BIONIC could be on your doorstep tomorrow morning rather than running to a nearly store and dealing with that drama. This isn’t confirmed but we have received more than a few reports on this so feel free to give it a try and hopefully order your own amazingly fast 4G LTE Bionic.
If you would like to give the phone sales a try and hopefully reserve a Bionic for yourself feel free to call *611 from a Verizon phone, or             1-800-256-4646       from any other phone. Oh and as an added bonus another Bionic commercial has leaked online although the quality seems to be lacking, check it out below.


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