I have some great news for all of the DROID Bionic owners around these parts. Remember that huge list of bugs that Verizon acknowledged and said they’d be fixing in a future update? Well it’s finally ready and should be rolling out extremely soon. We recently heard it would be released before the end of the year, and it looks like Verizon will hold true to their word because they’ve just informed us that it’s ready and will be rolling out soon.

The image above is the update documents provided directly from Verizon Wireless Support and the full version will be posted below so you can read all the new features in the update. The last we’ve heard of this update was when Motorola started asking for beta testers almost a month ago. Everything went ok because the update is slated to start any day now.
The list is huge so I wont go over everything and instead mention a few of the big ones:
– faster autofocus and general camera improvements
– fixed reliability and power cycle issues
– improved 3G/4G connectivity and switching
– fixed data lockup issues
– increased hotspot limit to 8 devices
– more
Those are just a few of the biggest issues that most will be happy to see. I for one know the camera is quite dreadful and users should be extremely happy to see an update on that front. The list of improvements and fixes is quite extensive and the update is being listed at around 54MB in size — so it’s fair to say they have a lot of fixes coming so get excited Bionic users. Usually when these official documents land on Verizon the update is pushed within a few days but could take up to 2 weeks. I’d be hitting that check for updates button starting tomorrow night if I had a Bionic.
Bionic Update Details
P1070433 bionic-update


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