There you have it folks. If we didn’t already have a pretty strong idea this was the day, these documents make it even more officially official. Verizon equipment guides have now been leaked showing the Droid Bionic will launch across all major channels on September 8th, just like rumors suggested. There is no mention of direct fill or pre-orders so that status is still unknown, maybe they want everyone waiting in line at stores.

For those waiting or counting we have just a little over a week to wait, can you manage a few more days with that old and slow Droid 2? While looking over the spec sheets and guides listed at the source below they give all sorts of details regarding the Bionic. After a closer look it appears it will be shipping with obviously the dual-core CPU and 1GB of ram, but also it will come standard with a 16GB Micro SD card pre-installed. Much better than what we’ve seen in the past and that is one less thing users will need to buy.

It also states the Bionics weight. It is listed at 5.60oz which isn’t the lightest device, but isn’t the heaviest either. That makes the Bionic slightly heavier than the similarly sized Droid X2 but lighter than both the Thunderbolt and the Droid 3. Samsung still has everyone beat on lightweight smartphones and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. For now I’m sure more will continue to leak over the next few days, oh and the site has been initiated. Read more on that here.
[via Droid-Life]

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