While Verizon still hasn’t officially announced this phone we know everything there is to know about it basically. They’ve recently launched the ARena Scavenger Hunt App to go along with the DroidDoes.com website and we are now seeing the official commercial on TV’s saying September 8th, all we need is Verizon to officially say the word, or do we?

A few sources are now spotting the actual phone in Verizon stores. With all sorts of launch kits, dummy models, and even live demo units appearing across multiple Verizon Wireless stores (Live Phone, Charge Me Up). In case you missed it the DROID Bionic Facebook page is now live and yesterday we learned the full retail price will indeed be $589, and $299 with a new contract.

The Verizon commercial is now stating September 8th so get ready guys. We learned this morning the Droid Bionic has already been rooted so now all we need is to get this thing in our hands already. I’ll be stopping by my local Verizon Stores this weekend hoping to maybe snag a demo unit sitting out.
[via Droid-Life]


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