More Droid news folks, the Motorola Droid Bionic will be priced at $589 without contract for those few that may be looking to buy this beast outright and not sign any agreements or contracts. While this may not mean a lot I’m sure there is more than a few of you out there that aren’t eligible for an upgrade but can’t wait to get your hands on the superphone — start saving those pennies.

After a few prying eyes were looking through the terms and conditions they spotted that the retail price would be that which was mentioned above, $589.99 and this isn’t really a surprise as I could have guessed something very similar. We still don’t have any official word on what pricing will be for those agreeing to new terms and such but plenty of rumors suggested $299.

In other exciting news, the Droid Bionic user manual has been leaked to the interwebs and is available for download in PDF form for anyone possibly interested in looking through all that goodness. In case you missed it the DroidDoes ARena Augmented Reality App is now available for those planning to search out and try to win one of these bad boys.
Who wants a Droid Bionic by a show of hands?
[via Phandroid]


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