Just when we finally had a few days break from the ol Motorola Droid Bionic it jumps up on the radar teasing everyone yet again with another speedtest result on that blazing fast 4G LTE. Last week we saw what might have been a 4G speedtest result but with the image cropped we couldn’t be certain it was 4G LTE and not Wifi.

This new photo shows us clearly that the Bionic indeed is running on 4G and is blazing fast. I want one!

Thanks to Yoda Man who leaked the photo we not only see the speedtest results but this also looks to be one of the cleanest and best photos we’ve seen of the Bionic yet. No blurrycam here and it appears Yoda has some steady hands and for that, we thank you. I wont beat this story with a stick but we still have no confirmed release date from Motorola or Verizon, but at least we have pictures right?
If any of you readers are like me, this entire set of delay after delay has me not as interested as I originally was. After seeing this latest picture I can safely say I’m highly interested all over again as those speeds look awesome. I sure hope we see this device very early September like we’ve heard otherwise I might head down to my nearest Verizon store and start a protest, who’s with me?
Maybe someone should make a Bionic vs iPhone 5 video like the highly popular EVO 4G/iPhone 4 video we all loved — just a thought.
[via AndroidForums]

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