Motorola DROID RAZR coming to the UK November 1st

The Motorola DROID RAZR will simply be known as the “Motorola RAZR” in every territory outside the United States, and at least one is getting right in front of the vague “November” launch date set for the phone. According to online retailer Clove, the first stock of Motorola RAZR will be available in the United Kingdom on November 1st. The price is £379 or £454.80 after some expensive Value Added Tax, which comes out to $716 USD.

Online retailers have been known to jump the gun with upcoming products to secure some quick pre-orders, so take the news with a grain of salt. Since the UK’s cellular market favors unlocked phones instead of the cheaper subsidized handsets we get here, the prices tend to be greater even before you factor in the generally higher cost of electronics across the pond. Since the pre-tax price is about $597, you can expect the DROID RAZR to be in the $600 range when Verizon sells it off-contract.
Neither Motorola nor any regional carriers have confirmed a date or price for the DROID RAZR, but Verizon’s internal system pegs it for a November 10th launch at $299. That may or may not be before a mail-in rebate. Verizon customers will have a tough choice, since the very same document says that the Galaxy Nexus will also launch on Verizon the same day, and earlier reports put it at the same $299 price. If you’re still on the fence, be sure to take a gander at out Galaxy Nexus and DROID RAZR comparison.
Check out our hands-on of the Motorola DROID RAZR:
Motorola DROID RAZR hands-on:


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