Eager to get your hands on the DROID RAZR‘s sexy hardware without tying yourself down with a two-year contract? Nobody said being a free spirit was cheap: the phone will cost $649.99 from Verizon without a new contract or renewal. The news was broken by Droid-Life, who got a look at the DROID RAZR’s listing in Verizon’s internal device database.

All things considered, that’s about what we expected for the DROID RAZR. Over in the UK they’ll be paying £454.80, or about $716 USD. It’s still pretty darn expensive for a smartphone, but not stupendously so, when you consider that the cheapest iPhone 4S is the same price while offering a whole lot less in the hardware department. Kevlar beats glass, in case anyone was wondering. A qHD Super AMOLED screen, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 4G LTE data speeds and a 7.7mm frame should make this a hard decision, even with the equally impressive Galaxy Nexus coming soon.
The DROID RAZR’s introductory price for those of us that toil under contractual obligation is $299.99, and pre-orders begin tomorrow, October 27th. The phone itself will ship “no later than” November 10th. The phone will sell internationally as the “Motorola RAZR”, and in most major markets should be available around the same time. So what do you think – too expensive, a bargain or right on the money?


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