Well, I can safely say I saw this coming. Today a picture has surfaced showing none other than the new Motorola DROID RAZR rooted — shocking I know. This is basically nothing new and its using the exact same exploit that also rooted the Bionic.

The bootloader may still be locked down under a chain and key (see image above) but at least users patiently awaiting this new RAZR sharp and thin smartphone can check one thing off the list — root privileges. The image below while doesn’t reveal much, it shows that the device has been successfully rooted. How can we tell? The tiny little # symbol will appear after you type “su” into a terminal application granting access, and the image shows just that.

It appears that 1-click-root for the DROID 3, Bionic, and many others is working great for this newest device from Motorola. What this tells me is any device coming from Motorola with the same Android 2.3 Gingerbread build they have now will all be rooted with this same method until Motorola figures it out and closes the exploit — Apparently they’ve not done that yet.


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