Android hackers and RAZR fans alike can rejoice today as Motorola has just released the source code for their new and popular DROID RAZR. It was announced back in October and became available earlier this month and now all the developers have full access to the code if needed.

As you can see in our image above the phone is still a little locked down, as usual with Motorola the bootloader is locked down quite tight. Some modders might be worried with a non-removable battery but we found out it actually does come out — it just takes some effort.
The source code will allow the full development and modding to really begin, for those that aren’t familiar and hopefully we’ll be seeing some progress for this amazingly thin and sleek phone soon. Covered in Kevlar now we just need some Ice Cream Sandwich and it’d be perfect. The DROID Bionic has some CM7 ports under way but I have a feeling most of the development community will be aiming for Android 4.0 ICS for the RAZR. We’ll be sure to update once some ROM’s start becoming available.
RAZR source code


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