Motorola and Verizon started testing a new update for the DROID RAZR early last week that was said to bring a slew of fixes and improvements to the razor sleek phone, and today it appears to be ready to slice and dice. Verizon has just outlined all the information and has let us know the update is on the way and users should be seeing the over the air update very soon.

Some of the changes appear to be quite significant and should really help out this already awesome phone become even more stellar. We thoroughly enjoyed the RAZR and you can see all our coverage and full review from the detailed timeline below. According to the documents provided by Verizon the update should bring plenty of changes and a few of the important ones are:
— SIM error notification
— 3G/4G Data Connection stability and reliability
— Camera Improvements
— More
The full list of changes can be seen from the change log image below in the gallery. I must say I’m pretty pleased to see Moto and Verizon pushing an update out so quickly since the phone was just released — but I’m not complaining. It appears this 3G/4G connection problem is a reoccurring issue with Verizon and hopefully they get things squared away here eventually.
The recently released Verizon Galaxy Nexus seems to be struggling from even worse signal problems, so hopefully they get an update as fast — or faster. As usual for those with a RAZR feel free to wait for the update or give it a go manually be going to menu > settings > about phone > check for updates and then hit GO!
Feel free to drop us a comment below regarding the update and if all goes well.


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