The original Motorola DROID is finally getting some attention with a quick security fix update. No, this isn’t the official update to 2.3 (Gingerbread) that we had hoped for, but it’s an update none the less. These two security updates will only be available to those OG DROID users out there with a completely stock ROM, kernel, and recovery.

There is still a very strong OG DROID following over on XDA, and we should certainly see these security patches incorporated into some custom ROMs soon. For those still running stock however, click here to download the FRK76 security update. To install this be sure to rename the download to “” and place it on the root of your SD card. After powering down your DROID, reboot into recovery (by holding down the X and Power buttons). You should then select “Apply from SD Card”.
You should then be good to go! But lets be honest, if you haven’t rooted your device and are not yet running CyanogenMod 7, at least give it a chance! It’s easy and will definitely give your OG DROID the pep in its step that should have been there all along.
[via Droid Life]


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