Motorola Droid Turbo makes rounds on Twitter


We have all known about the partnership of Motorola and Verizon in the Droid branded smart phones. And it has been long since we saw one. And as you guys might known there is one coming up, named as Droid Turbo.


We have heard since leaks about the device, and as you can see the red back finish off the phone. This image was put up on Twitter’s Droidhandling account, and was removed in some time. So it makes a perfect sense and the image also like real and not somewhat a fake version of the device. Also as the image was pulled down shortly, which is uncertain, so as to why it was done, and if it was confidential, why was it posted in the first place?

Will not thinking it any much, the device would be having a 21 Megapixel primary camera with Dual LED Flash and any 3900 mAh battery. So the battery pack suggests the device would be really powerful and bigger in size, a phablet surely. There is no word about the release of the device yet.


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