Motorola Droid X to get bug fix update


Today, Verizon has begun rolling out a massive bug fix update for its aging 3G smartphone that will be bring a number of fixes and enhancements along with it. The update version 4.5.621 bundle is 15.2MB in size. Though the details of the update pack were announced, the carrier hasn’t revealed the specific date of its release. The OTA update brings fixes to a whole slew of issues that DX users have been dealing with for far too long:

Over the Air Updates
+ Prevents lockups or resets after the Over the Air (OTA) update.

+ OTA update notice screen displays the correct estimated update time.

Device Features

+ Improved browser security with the Google Security Patch from Android 2.3.6.

+ Fixed issue where the device may power ON without user interaction.

+ Resolved possible device resets while playing music.

+ Adjusted camera settings will be saved, even after the device is powered down.

+ Reduced Out of Memory errors.

+ WAV files can be played from Visual Voice Mail.

+ Device is enabled with the Wireless Alerting System.

+ Improved stability of Music Player reduces resets.

+ Shortcuts to applications remain on the device even after applications

are moved to the SD card.

Email, Messaging & Data

+ Improved connectivity with 3G Mobile Hotspot data connectivity.

+ Addressed error that replicated thumbnails in message threads.

+ Corrected errors where Yahoo! mail notifications were not displayed properly.

+ Reduced duplicate message errors.

+ Improved ability to access and receive Gmail when the Mobile Hotspot is turned on.

+ Sorted contact groups.

+ Device recognizes Multimedia ringtones after purchase.


+ Button background lighting turns off while in the desktop cradle.

Via Verizon


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