Motorola Keyboard Folio case for the Xoom in the works


The Motorola Xoom has been a popular little device. Some new information looks to show that Motorola might be planning a Keyboard Folio case similar to the portfolio case they offer now, but with a bluetooth or USB Keyboard included. This would probably be a good idea considering the Asus Transformer has one and it has been a pretty big hit so far.

Update: Most likely a Bluetooth keyboard will be with this case, to go nicely with the Bluetooth support coming in tomorrow’s Xoom OTA Update.
If the picture above is any indication, they have already designed this case and it is coming soon. Although we have seen leaked pictures of flyers from Verizon before and waited months for the device in the past, but i doubt that is the case here. The Motorola Xoom Portfolio case offered currently is around $35 dollars, you can see those accessories here.
So far we have no others news or images to go off other than what is above, no price has been leaked or announced yet either, but I would imagine this to be an expensive accessory for the Xoom considering the others pricing. We will let you know as soon as we here more, and hopefully get a review unit to try ourselves.

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