Motorola Mod Manager and Projector Mod app Arrives on Play Store


After starting the sale of the Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid along with Moto Mods on Verizon. Motorola has also unveiled its Mod Manager and Projector Mod Apps on Play Store. Both the apps are now available for download.

moto mod

The first app, Mod Manager, manages your mods that are connected to the particular device. Also, Motorola can push any update to the app to easily add new features to the Mod Use on phone.

The other Mod app is the Projector Mod, which is obviously is going to get in use with projector mod. This app includes the settings for the projector, accessible by pressing the button on the side of the Mod.

So guys if you purchased it than download the apps from the source links below. Also don’t forget to check the deal from Verizon if you didn’t bought Droid Z devices.


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