Motorola: No Change after Google Acquisition


Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition is near, than what would happen? Google has gone ahead and told us multiple times that it will not have anything to do with Motorola’s manufacturing plans, and the acquisition is solely meant to expand its patent portfolio. Motorola remains stern on the belief that nothing will change on its product strategy for the forseeable future. Well, in an interview conducted by FierceWireless, Alain Mutricy, Motorola’s senior vice president of portfolio and product management uttered those same sentiments.

“Motorola will continue as a separate brand and a subsidiary of Google,” he said “I don’t see a very short-term, complete change of the product direction.” Also adding “I think that we have a business to run, and I think that there is continuity to be expected for 2012.”

But what do you guys think? Do you believe there is a good balance Google and Motorola could find, in order to maek some great devices? 


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