What do we have here, is this the DROID X3 or just another variant of the newly announced DROID RAZR? We know the DROID RAZR is for the US and Verizon and Motorola was planning just a Motorola RAZR for international markets but here we have a completely redesigned model from the images that were just leaked. Obviously it shares a very similar design with the Kevlar rear and extremely thin 7.1mm body, but clearly things are a bit different here, see for yourself after the break.

Apparently the model shown above has just cleared China’s equivalent of the FCC and will be headed to a few markets across China soon. Shown below is an image of the US model so you can see the difference.

Known as the Motorola MT917 the newly designed model will most likely share the same specs as the recently announced DROID RAZR. With a dual-core processor and the new 4.3″ AMOLED qHD display, 8MP camera on the rear making up that little hump and running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. We’ve been told the DROID RAZR should see ICS very soon in 2012 and would expect the same for this too. From the front it resembles the Motorola Atrix if you ask me and the entire design goes back to the original shape they’ve used in the past instead of what we’ve been seeing from Motorola with tapered edges. Either way we don’t expect to see this outside of China, but was worth a look.
Motorola-RAZR-MT917-China-Android-2 hands money Motorola-Droid-RAZR-MT917-China-Android [via UnwiredView]


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