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While the current market for tablets is growing smaller, a recent report from Android Police suggest that Motorola is working on a tablet featuring ‘Productivity Mode’. The sources claim it to be a 9-10 inch tablet falling in the premium category. The image below shows a feature called “Productivity Mode”.

The Productivity Mode enables switching between the apps by using the Nav bar. Long pressing the app icon and dragging it upwards will reportedly close the app. Additionally, the screenshot shows that Motorola has added a shortcut to Android’s app drawer directly on the Nav bar.  This is to note that the Productivity Mode can be switched on and off. based on user’s requirement. These features would do a lot to help make the tablet very useful.

Considering Lenovo’s track record and now Moto under their leadership, it seems promising that it would be working on a large tablet device. While most of the information in regards to the tablet is still unknown, we will update you once we get to know more.


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