Motorola has done well out of Android, and vice versa, culminating in Google’s plans to buy the hardware company outright. At their quarterly earnings report, Motorola reported $3.3 billion USD in total revenue, and a $32 million dollar loss – not terrible in a down economy, and better than last quarter’s $52 million. They also extemporized on the Google sale, with enthusiastic plans moving forward.

According to Motorola, the sale of the company to Google should be complete before the end of the year, or early 2012 at the absolute latest. That doesn’t include any sort of integration, and of course, it’s contingent upon stockholders’ approval at the meeting on November 17th. The company was quick to highlight the new Motorola DROID RAZR, releasing on November the 10th on Verizon in the United States and elsewhere in the world as just the RAZR. Motorola is putting a lot of emphasis on MotoACTV, the new fitness sensor-service combination, currently slated for a $249 starting price at an indeterminate date.

Motorola still isn’t where they’d like to be – no company in the red is, and celebrating the fact that you’re losing one less cent a share compared with last year doesn’t exactly warrant champagne. But things are looking up, and with the R&D muscle of Google bolstering their efforts next year, not to mention a possible inside line on Android, things could be a lot worse. Now if only they’d get off that non-removable battery kick that seems to be continuing with the DROID 4…


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