Motorola has send their XT316 Smartphone to the FCC. The QWERTY Candybar model looks to be a solid option for BlackBerry users looking to transition to the Android platform. However, according to sources, the XT316 isn’t meant for the US, as it’s looking to head to the Chinese market in it’s initial launch. The world phone is being tested for WCDMA bands 850 and 2100, but offers no real support for US 3G networks.

And even if it were, would it be popular? It has a smaller 2.8 inch display and runs Android 2.2 (Froyo). Sure, BlackBerry users may not mind a smaller screen in favor of a hard QWERTY, but the trend is for larger screens, larger, though thinner phones. And this has neither.

But more businesses are looking to add smartphones outside of the BlackBerry to their networks and are working with Employees to make personal choices work, rather than issuing an official phone. This saves money for the businesses and keeps employees happier using their own phone. So a phone that eases the transition from BlackBerry to the Bot makes complete sense. Pity the XT316 isn’t US bound any time soon.



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