Moto AI Assistant Speaker

Motorola is gearing up for the launch of it own Ai Assistant speaker. The main competition for Moto AI Assistant will be Google Home, Home Mini and Amazon Echo. Currently these devices are dominating the category of smart speakers. Although there are some more virtual assistant speakers which includes Bixby speaker, Apple Homepod, etc.

In terms of specs, it is powered by an ARM 53 Cortex CPU with Bluetooth, WiFi support. It is 90mm in diameter and weighs 280 grams. It comes with a charger of 12V/1A.

According to the photos leaks, the Moto AI Assistant speaker is ready to launch. As in leaked photos there are imaged with promotional materials. In these images the interaction was made with Motorola’s AI Assistant speaker. Interaction was made with some voice commands like “What’s Today news” , “Help me set a reminder”, “start a countdown for 5 minutes”. The Motorola’s smart speaker can learn from user’s conversation similar to Google home.

Moto AI Assistant speaker is packs with kids mode. It will be automatically activated if it detects that some children is interacting. Than the Moto AI Assistant only serves the content related to kids like stories, music, etc. There might be some more features in this speaker, Once Moto AI Assistant get officially launched.



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