As we reported yesterday, the Atrix 4G from Motorola has a mostly-locked bootloader, meaning that dev access to the system partition is pretty restricted, and a lot of the things that devs try to accomplish — like rooting and custom ROMs — may be very, very difficult to achieve.  Well, the Xoom will be available very soon, and that begs the question — will Motorola take the same steps with their highly-anticipated tablet?
While this statement by Motorola doesn’t really go into much detail, and doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be SOME restrictions, Motorola made the comment via Twitter that indicates they will be giving the developers some leeway. Just a few minutes ago:

@Motorola: @RobBull the XOOM will have an unlockable/relockable bootloader that will enable developers to access hardware for development

So there may yet be hope, devs. And who knows? If they’ll allow the Xoom to be unlocked, maybe they’ll reconsider the choice on some of their other phones.


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