Motorola Updates ICS Chart – International RAZR in Q2

Motorola has updated their ICS chart.According to Schedule Motorola international Motorola RAZR (not Verizon’s DROID RAZR) going to get ICS in Q2. From Europe, to Asia, to Canada, it seems that nearly everyone will be getting that update in Q2. As a developer device, the XOOM tablet’s WiFi version already has Ice Cream Sandwich, but everyone else is waiting for an OTA update – and they’ll be doing so for quite a while.

Now, for all we know, Motorola could end up assigning the Verizon Droid RAZR that same Q2 ICS availability as the global RAZR, only it’s taking the company longer to commit to such a date. While you could put the blame on Verizon bureaucracy, there likely are some legitimate issues here, due to the LTE radio that only the Verizon RAZR sports.  You can see the full list, including a country-by-country breakdown, at Motorola’s website


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