Motorola wants 2.25% From Microsoft Products


According to FossPatents, it seems the German court who sided with Motorola would most likely side with them again in their patent dispute with href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Microsoft”>Microsoft, possibly gaining the same 2.25% for sales of their products like Windows 7, Xbox 360, etc.

Mueller writes in his blog:

A short summary of today’s trial (technically four trials, but organized as one because of overlapping issues) is that the court is inclined to rule, with a decision scheduled for April 17, 2012, that Microsoft Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9, the Windows Media Player and the Xbox 360 infringe on those two patents.

The two patents at issue, Mueller explained in a separate email, have to do with video compression and decompression technology, covering methods for reducing the amount of bandwidth needed for video that is streamed online.

We’ll have to wait to see how things turn out but I guess it’s only fitting after the royalties Microsoft has been receiving from Android OEM’s who caved in to their demands.


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