Well folks, in case you’d lost hope or given up on old Motorola they’ve finally came through today — just a bit late. Along with Verizon, Motorola will finally start offering the 4G LTE upgrades for the original Motorola Xoom starting tomorrow. The 3 month window has obviously long since passed, but better late than never right? Now we can start calling it the Xoom 4G — More details after the break.

We’ve seen the photo above more than a few times, and at least they’ve sort of hit that new date for September because we are now officially hearing updates will start tomorrow. For those that still happen to own a Motorola Xoom now is the time to start jumping for joy. The update should go live tomorrow so I’d be sure and check this site throughout the night and hopefully be one of the first in line.
Verizon will also start selling pre-installed Motorola Xoom 4G LTE models starting October 13th for just $499. Basically like over $200 more than most payed for the 3G Xoom back when it launched (assuming you bought if off contract like I did). While that is some bad news for early adopters, things don’t always go as planned for the early takers but at least we will finally see the upgrades start. It’s just a shame it took so long. We first saw this way back in June, then select users started receiving the upgrade in August too.
This is good news indeed, just a shame it took so long to finally come end users. Just like DL says, maybe Verizon should give us early adopters that waited so long 3 months of free 4G LTE service for being patient. I doubt that will ever happen but it was worth mentioning.


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