Motorola Xoom getting OTA Update today, still no SD support


Looks like there is now some news that the Motorola Xoom is getting an OTA update tomorrow. This news has just dropped from our friends at DroidLife. This looks to address some issues, as well as add new features. Things like Bluetooth support to GTalk, as well as bluetooth mouse support for the Xoom. There is also mention of addition proxy support, SSL data transfer with websites, and more. Check it out.

From the looks of things it will be a 28MB update. Those worried about root or being unlocked should probably wait and see what everyone says once the update starts hitting our devices. We will probably be able to flash the update sometime shortly after it is released anyways, for those like me that wont be getting it OTA.
They have even added a shortcut key for the bluetooth keyboard support they are also adding with this update. This news going along great with this story also posted today about a Keyboard Folio
case for the Xoom on its way soon. We can now assume that will most likely be bluetooth. We will update once the devices start getting the update tomorrow.

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