Dear Federal Communications Commission: this doesn’t get said often enough. We love you. We really love you. Whether you’re tipping us about shiny new gadgets headed for the states, slicing up wireless spectrum like a holiday ham or keeping certain carriers from merging and creating an anti-consumer megagiant, your subtle influence on the mobile industry is much appreciated by those of us in the tech blogging world. Case in point: the Motorola XT615.

This non-symmetrical phone has been spotted in China and Taiwan sporting a 9.8mm profile with a 4-inch, 854 x 480 screen, putting it in the upper end of the mid range. There’s been no word on a United States carrier just yet, but the version that the FCC is currently checking out is tuned to Radio AT&T quad-band. That probably means that the Gingerbread phone is several months away from release, if at all.
The design’s certainly unique, with a blue tabbed cutout on the glass front surrounded by white plastic. An 800mhz processor won’t fly, but it’s good enough for basic apps. The 8MP camera is pretty good for the mid-$300 unlocked price range (in China, anyway) and I’m happy to see that Motorola hasn’t completely abandoned the physical camera button.Once again, thanks, FCC – now how’s about getting rid of those annoying PDFs on your website?
[via Engadget]


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