It wasn’t too long ago we told you about some Motorola RAZR variants hitting China one of which — the XT928 — was officially announced last week. Touted as “a phone inside a camera,” the XT928 (also known as the Motorola Dinara doesn’t fit in so well with its RAZR brethren. With a blockier frame, slightly thicker body and complete absence of carbon fiber or kevlar accents, looks wise, it seems to have more in common with the Droid X than anything.

Also unlike the RAZR, the battery is now accessible through the removable cover making the device compatible with spare batteries. The XT928 also features a 4.5-inch 720p resolution screen that holds its own against the RAZR’s vivid AMOLED (and super washed out MT917 display).

Word on the street is the XT928 could be landing on AT&T but that’s not a very strong rumor. I would like to propose that this will hit Verizon as the Droid X3 complete with 4G LTE connectivity based upon absolutely nothing other than the looks of the device. Regardless of carrier, I wouldn’t mind seeing this hit stateside as Motorola has yet to release a device with a 1280×720 resolution display. For more family pics hit up the source link below.
[Engadget China via Engadget]


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