Motorola’s Dual Screen, “gaze detecting” Smartwatch Patent : Another Wearable Device in Market


Here we are with the news of another wearable displays from Motorola with their new Gazing features and patent pictures. The patent filing has a lot more than just this.


The gaze detection has some unique aspects and all together it mean to be a new wearable display device with new display design. The Gaze core according to the patent filing is “determine a gaze cone corresponding to the detected gaze direction and alter the presentation of the data by presenting the data on a portion of the display disposed within the gaze cone.”

And another Note from the filing from the Filing gives us another explanation as here

A primary display disposed along a major face of the wearable housing and configured to alter a physical geometry as the wearable housing bends or flexes; and a secondary display coupled to the wearable housing by a hinged connection so as to be rotatable relative to the wearable housing.

The device for now has sensors for heart rate, pulse, and body temperature, and is also a very nice fitness manager.

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