Almost an year ago, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 made an appearance on both Android and iOS platforms. In a short period of time, the race team strategy game saw a considerable fame due to some distinctive features. The users can create their own Motorsport team, hire drivers, develop their cars and participate in various championships. After a prominent phase, Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 has recently shown up on both Android and iOS platforms. Just like the previous one, this game series is not too expensive and comes at an affordable price of $3.99 (INR 299).

The game series retains some amazing features and functionality from the previous series. It includes support for Augmented Reality (AR) that offers ultimate camera mode that lets you experience races in a whole new way. It also features Energy Recovery System, with Hybrid and Power mode that helps making your strategy more effective.

The latest version of game series brings several improvements over the previous chapter. The all-new Supplier Network feature allows expanding of team’s presence around the globe. Additionally, the game series now includes Invitational Races, massive annual events that bring international races with a unique twist.

If you already had your hands on the Motorsport Manager Mobile 2, you’ll definitely be willing to try out the latest series. It comes with a load of added features and functionalities that makes the game more challenging and engaging for users.

Source: Google Play StoreApp Store


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