As a parent, you want to save money for future purposes. As a student, you want to save money for your schooling. As a business owner, you want to save money for your additional capital. Whatever you are is, you need to save money as you have responsibilities and obligations that have to be addressed. However, how can you save money when everybody is still coping up with the recent economic and financial crises? Well, monitoring and cutting your expenses should not be a problem now as there are Smartphone apps that can help you with that. Below are some of the money-saving apps that you can avail.



Send Texts for Free with WhatsApp

As you know, sending SMS and MMS is among the many functions of a Smartphone. However, sending a lot of text messages can increase your monthly bill. But what can you do when you need to always send a text message? Well, that is not a problem as you can avail of the money-saving app called WhatsApp. You just have to download and install it on your Smartphone and you can already send text messages to your friends, family and other people without paying any fee. Today, a lot of under 25s have downloaded the app. The app is offered for free this year. So, you better take advantage of this app now.


The app works on Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone, Android and iPhone. What the app does is it sends the messages over the Internet using the data plan that you have or a Wi-Fi connection. This is very advantageous when you are on travel to other countries. For business people, this is beneficial as they don’t have to pay for the sending of text messages. For other people like students, it is also very helpful especially in times of emergency.

Find a Parking Space with AA Parking


As a business owner or employee, you always need to find a nice parking space when you are off to a meeting or conference. However, you find it difficult especially if you are not familiar with the venue of the meeting. With that, the AA Parking can be of great help. The app works by giving you directions to the nearest parking space. In this way, you can save money as you don’t have to waste time and oil looking for parking spaces. What is best about the app is that it also gives you a comparison of the prices of the nearby car parks. The app costs 1.99 euros but only 1.50 euros for Nokia. It also works on iPhone Windows Phone and Android. With this, business people can have another way of cutting costs.





Book the Most Affordable Hotel Room with Trivago


When off to a business trip, you definitely need to book a hotel room. However, your busy work doesn’t give you much time to find the best yet affordable hotel. The answer to this is to avail of the Trivago app. It works by giving you a comparison of the cost of different hotel rooms. The best thing about the app is that it also works by giving you a comparison of the room rates of the hotel you have chosen. In this way, you can still book a hotel room even if you don’t have that much budget. The app is free and works on both iPhone and Android phones.

By availing these apps, business people can definitely have new ways on how to save money. In this way, they can be better spenders. In addition, they can have money for other expenses or savings. So did you liked these money saving apps ?


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