Looking for something a little more low-key after you blast your way through Shadowgun? One of the strangest and most-loved portable titles in recent years is coming to the Android Market, and if you’re a fan of either puzzle games or role playing games, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Puzzle Quest 2, originally released on the Nintendo DS last year, combines a meandering swords and sorcery story with, well, puzzles. It’s basically Final Fantasy meets Bejeweled… no, wait, keep reading!

Despite its bizarre premise, the original Puzzle Quest and its sequels have garnered almost universal praise from the gaming press. The addictive gameplay has won it a lot of fans on the DS, Xbox Live Arcade and PC, and now fans new and old can squeeze in a quick dungeon in on a bus ride or what have you on their Android phone. Puzzle Quest 2 has already been released on iOS and Windows Phone 7, but we’ll forgive Namco their uninformed decision-making this time.
Puzzle Quest 2 is a “freemium” game; the core app is free on the Android Market, but the full unlock is $4.99. Additional character classes are two dollars a pop. That seems a little high for a mobile app, but remember, this is based off a full Nintendo DS title (the complete download is almost 300 MB) so the main story mode should last for a lot longer than your average $3 game. Specific models weren’t mentioned, but phones and tablets with 800 x 480 screen resolution or higher are supported.
[via intomobile]


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