This is pretty cool if you are a Space fan and want a cool new ringtone. NASA has announced that it is making some of the iconic sounds from the space program available for people to download and use for whatever they want from ringtones to sounds for their computer. The sounds are now listed on a single page and are broken up into four categories.

The categories include Shuttle and Station, Apollo and Mercury, Current Missions, and Beeps and Bytes. The coolest are from the Apollo and Mercury missions. In that category, you can get clips from famous JFK speeches about the moon mission. You can also get audio of astronauts like Neil Armstrong saying his famous “One Small Step” quote and a lot more.
You can also get clips of the famous “Houston, we have a problem” quote and lot more. The files are offered in generic MP3 format you can use for your ringtone. A few files are offered in iPhone MR4 format as well. These woudl make great ringtones for you to use while tracking that UARS descent with the Satellite AR app.


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