Navigon upgrades Android nav app with new features


If you are an Android user that does a lot of traveling and wants an Android nav app, Navigon is one of the most popular choices out there. The app isn’t exactly cheap to purchase at $27.95, but it is more appealing to many than one that has a monthly fee. If you are using Navigon already, the company has announced that it has upgraded the app to version 4.0.

The updated app makes it easier to mange maps within the app and to select what regions to download to the device. This allows the user to better manage the device memory and reduces the time needed to download a map. A new option for a quarterly subscription to a quarterly map updates to keep the app up to date with new roads.
The update also brings a couple new in app purchase options with a cockpit function display that allows the driver to monitor certain driving functions like speed, acceleration for the last 30 minutes or the last quarter mile. The other in app purchase is Zagat Surveys. The app update is free and the cockpit purchase is $4.95 with the Zagat option being $7.95.


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