New Action launcher update brings “At a Glance” widget, coloured search box icons and bug fixes


Action launcher is one of the most popular home app available for Android smartphones. It is well known for bringing the features of Pixel launcher quicker and better than any other launchers out there. Today, Action Launcher update has brought in many new features to the latest build.

action launcher update

The last major updates brought adaptive icons and the new dock search bar from the Pixel launcher which is also customizable. This new update which brings the app version to 30 brings more features such as the “At a Glance” widget from the Pixel launcher and new coloured search box icons.

As you know, the “At a Glance” offers the same functionality as in the Pixel launcher. It will display your upcoming event and weather, thus helping you to catch up with your schedule. The next new addition is the customizable icons in the Google search box. Now, users can change the colour of the icons as per their needs by using the dedicated icon editor. It does not end here, the Google search box is now enhanced to match closely to the one on the Pixel launcher. The new update also fixes bugs and brings improved compatibility for the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 .

Action launcher’s companion icon packs app AdaptivePack which brings adaptive icons to Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat also received a major update. Now, it has 250 icons with support for over 2,200 apps. Dynamic calendar icon is now made available which displays today’s date. Further, new TouchWiz icon style is also added for Samsung lovers.

So, what are you waiting for ? Install the new Action launcher and the AdaptivePack icons pack from the Play Store.


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