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Google Pay, the mobile wallet app released by Google has gained a lot of name. It was earlier called Android Pay until Google changed its name to Google Pay. The app allows users to send and receive money via different means. Also using the app, users can manage payment methods.

Google Pay Logo

Last year, Google Pay wallet site became Google Pay, but the desktop site haven’t been updated. Not updated in the sense that it did not get the same type of redesigning that the mobile app received. There are plenty of updates regarding the addition of additional support in different countries. It also has extended its support among different countries.

When we look at the mobile app it has the theme which is Google Material theme. The theme is also being used by other apps too. The best example can be the Maps. The theme comprises of the font named Sans which is Google’s product font. And the next thing is that it is all white.

The supports page now gives us an access to some new features. Now users can check out their the details of their recent payments from the activity tab. The subscription tab is a place from where you can check out or manage all your subscriptions. And we guess the new design has been now rolled out for everyone. We have checked our and you guys can have a check too.


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