New Emoji Are Coming To Android Very Soon!


Following uproar after Apple introduced new Emojis, Android users are also going to get new Emojis Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s Vice President for Android.

Google Emojis Android

In a tweet Lockheimer said that Google is already working on new Emojis for Android and will soon come to the devices.

In the latest update to iOS 9.1 users got new emojis from the freshest Unicode update (8.0), which includes goodies like tacos and unicorns. Apple rolled out some of those newly approved emojis in April and rolled out more this week. But similar emojis are not available to Android users until now.

In this regard, Lockheimer took twitter to announce that they are working on it and also said sorry for not providing new emojis before.

We hope soon we will receive some new emojis on our ANdroid devices via Google Play Services update.

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