A new patent has been filed by smartphone giants Samsung in its homeland Korea. The new feature which has been patented here will debut on the new Galaxy Note.

The patent filed by Samsung reveals what the feature is. It seems Samsung is keen on replacing the digitizer used to the pen input with ultrasonic sensors. According to a piece of document,  sensors are used to record -dimensional movements and gestures, so the use of 4 sensors can be made to track and record -dimensional data.


This feature is not something we haven’t seen before as its earlier made its debut on the MDP Tablet by  Qualcomm.

Wondering why does Samsung want to replace the digitizer with the ultrasonic sensors? The use of ultrasonic sensors allows manufacturing costs to be brought down and would allow the device to be be made 1 mm thinner. It is still unknown which Samsung device will be the first one to incorporate this but our first guess in the upcoming Galaxy Note 4.


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