The HTC Hub for Windows Phone 7 has just been updated for phones that have the new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango upgrade installed. The update brings a lot of new features to the app. Originally, it was kind of useless and many people probably unpinned it from the start screen right away or even uninstalled it all together. This new version has an updated two-column live tile, but also a much quicker and cleaner user interface. The extremely long animated transitions have been removed, and the weather displays have been completely redesigned with more attractive weather animations. Tapping and holding on any of the cities that you’ve added for monitoring the weather will let you pin any of them to your start screen.

There’s also a stocks screen where you can add whichever stocks you want to follow, but again you can tap and hold on any stock ticker name and pin those to the start screen as well. Then there’s a news panel where you can add any number of pre-set news feeds that HTC has added. From there you can either pin individual news feeds to your start screen or pin the entire news section of the HTC Hub.


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