New Ice Cream Sandwich mail and calendar widgets leak out

Is “leak” still an applicable term for all the Ice Cream Sandwich information that’s come to light before the official unveiling in Hong Kong? Perhaps “deluge”, “torrent” or “tempest” would be more appropriate. The latest is a quick look at some of the Honeycomb-style widgets that are coming along  for the ride. They’re not that different from their progenitors, but they do show off ICS’ spiffy new UI, and smartphone users may be seeing similar versions when the software trickles down.

The three leaked widgets are for Gmail, the generic Email and Android’s built-in Calendar. If you’ve used a Honeycomb tablet for any length of time they’ll probably feel pretty familiar to you. Note the larger text, cleaner graphics and blue-tinted accents, all of which line up with the videos and screenshots we’ve seen of Ice Cream Sandwich so far. Honeycomb already includes some pretty extensive widgets, so it’s no surprise that a lot of them are just getting a spit and polish. What’s more interesting is that this is the first we’re seeing of tablet elements from the new release – will Google show off ICS running on the Nexus Prime / Galaxy Nexus and a tablet device at the sane time? We can only hope.

Since we’ve only seen ICS running on the leaked Nexus video, I wonder whether any of these new widgets will make it to the smartphone side of Android’s new double life. Current widgets for Gmail, Email and Calendar are a little sparse for Gingerbread, especially since the new version of Gmail has effectively broken third-party viewers. In any case, we’re likely to get some answers to our burning questions in a little over 24 hours – keep an eye on Android Community here and on Twitter for the latest updates.
[via AndroidGuys]


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