HTC seems to be taking to heart the phrase “bigger is better” and it’s no better exemplified than in their upcoming 4.7-inch HTC Runnymede 2. Wait- 2? When was the first one released? In any case, we’ve recently posted some of the supposed specs but it seems now we’ve finally got it down in print, complete with a render of the device. Everything on this spec list screams “premium device” except for the dreaded single-core processor. I know, it’s dual-core or bust for a lot of you. So why the “lesser” processor? Well, maybe it has something to do with the bundling of that huge Beats Solo headset with the device. Have to cut costs somewhere.
This device will most likely turn out to be the Android version of the recently announced Windows Phone 7 HTC Titan. The camera on this behemoth is also said to be right up there with the Mytouch 4G Slide (and HTC Holiday Raider). Anyone a smidgen interested in this device?
[Via AndroidGuys]


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