Moto mods for Motorola Z series has been a successful game. And it adds some pretty awesome features to the device. This entertainment is not going to end as Motorola has announced that it will soon launch two new mods. This announcement was made at CES 2018 exhibition.

The one is the Lenovo Vital moto mod and the other one is Livermorium slider keyboard moto mod. Well, but the vital moto mod is not going to be that beneficial to most users as the keyboard is going to be.

As we read it as a slider keyboard. You can attach it behind of the device and will slide out from the bottom of the phone. And the best part is that you can even tilt your device, so that the screen would be easily accessible. This mod is for sure meant to make your work comfortable.

The Lenovo Vital Mod is not about typing but help you keep track of your health. The mod will not only measure your heart rate, but also respiratory rate, body temperature and diastolic & systolic blood pressure.

The price of the keyboard mod is going to be $99 and that of the vital mod $395. Any further update regarding the 2 mods comes, we will let you know.Stay tuned. 


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