Apple’s successful appeal for a second injunction to block the Samsung Galaxy Tab series in a court in Germany has snatched away a chance from Samsung to showcase its latest tablet devices at one of the world’s largest consumer electronics shows.
The South Korea based Samsung Electronics, which is the closest competitor of Apple in the tablet market, has recently pulled out its newly released Galaxy tab 7.7 from the IFA electronics show which is being held in Berlin after a court in Dusseldorf accepted Apple’s call for a countrywide ban on the Samsung tablets on 2nd September, said a Seoul based spokesperson of Samsung named James Chung.
Chung, however, did not confirm if the court orders had reached Samsung yet. An Apple spokesperson named Steve Park, meanwhile, could not provide any immediate statements on the ruling.
Chung said that Samsung has full respect for the decision of the court, adding that the South Korean electronics giant believes that it will severely affect the choice for the consumers in Germany. He said that Samsung will try out all avenues, which include legal action, to defend its rights for intellectual property in the country.

Apple and Samsung are currently engaged in legal conflicts across three different continents, as Apple, which is also one of Samsung’s biggest customers for displays and chips, has alleged that the Galaxy range of devices have copied various design features of the iPhones and the iPad. Just last month, the Dusseldorf court had awarded Apple a temporary ban on the sales of the previous Galaxy Tab 10.1 model in all of the countries which form the European Union.
Analysts estimate that the ruling which came in August could have led to Samsung selling as many as half a million fewer tablets during the year. Samsung had earlier planned to showcase the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in addition to its other devices to this year’s edition of the IFA, which has over the last few years come to be a battleground for those companies who want to lure customers to alternatives for Apple’s iPad and iPhones.
Samsung, while it did not reveal the total number of tablets that it sold this year, has aimed to increase the sales of its tablets to more than five times this year as compared to 2010 when the first Galaxy Tab based on Google’s Android platform was released.

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